Transaction Capital Payment Solutions


Transaction Capital Payment Solutions is part of Transaction Capital Risk Services, a division of Transaction Capital Limited, a JSE listed non-deposit taking financial services group.

Founded in 1977, Transaction Capital Payment Solutions, (previously known as BDB), is a Level 1 B-BBEE accredited company, and has decades of experience in delivering Payments and Debit Order Collections solutions to the South African market.

Transaction Capital Payment Solutions is a registered Third Party Payment Provider (TPPP) and Systems Operator (SO) which has established a market-leading position with an extensive customer base entrusting in excess of R24 Billion Rand worth of electronic transactions annually.

Having a diverse clientele portfolio stretching across a wide array of industries, Transaction Capital Payment Solutions has a track record of providing customised solutions to meet the dynamic and unique requirements that currently exists in the market.

Transaction Capital Payment Solutions is bank agnostic and has a settlement and trust account with all major South African banks and a user code at Bankserv allowing for the most efficient money management possible, as well as business continuity capability for its clients.

Our Location

Transaction Capital Payment Solutions has its Head Office in Hyde Park, Johannesburg and a regional office in Durban. A low staff complement is a testament to the extent of Transaction Capital Payment Solution’s success in a strategic focus aimed at developing and implementing electronic service delivery mechanisms while maintaining expert staff for those clients or partners that require specialised support.


We value INTEGRITY before all else – integrity goes beyond complying with the law and company policy, to having strong moral principles which inform decisions and actions with regard to families, friends, business colleagues, clients, customers and the company.

We value RESPECT for all who come into our lives – respect means that we treat everyone we meet in the same way that we would like to be treated. It requires an understanding and appreciation of diversity, and is especially important given South Africa’s history of discrimination.

We value COMPETENCE as the foundation of personal and corporate progress – Competence is more than just knowing how to do the task we are employed for; it comes from knowing that we have taken the time to prepare ourselves for the next challenge in our development and careers.

We value INNOVATION as the solution to every challenge or problem we will face – Innovation helps us to keep ahead of our competitors, overcome challenges, deal with new and difficult situations, and discover new ways to solve problems for our company, our clients and ourselves.