Transaction Capital Payment Solutions is bank agnostic and has a settlement and trust account with all major South African banks and a user code at Bankserv allowing for the most efficient money management possible, as well as business continuity capability for its clients.

Payment Services

Our self-managed web service will enable you to upload all wages, salary and debit order files, whilst giving you peace of mind in the form of heightened security measures through effective controls and segregation of duties that you determine. Transaction Capital Payment Solutions has bank accounts with 4 major banks for efficient, prompt fund transfer convenience.

Debit Order Collections

Collect money directly from any bank account in South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland. Transaction Capital Payment Solutions is bank agnostic which allows us access to multiple banks, thereby ensuring that business continuity is not a risk to you. We offer “same day” and “2 day service”.

NAEDO (Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order) Collections

A level playing field of all creditors is available in the form of NAEDO transactions.
The presentation of NAEDO transactions is only applicable to South African banks participating in this service offering. This service type maximises the potential to recover payable funds. It provides the ability for re-presentment applied through multiple tracking options ranging between 0 – 32 days, and not exceeding R30 000 per transaction (industry regulated). With NAEDO, only the successful value is paid into the client’s bank account.

Account Verification Services (AVS)

AVS is a non-financial solution to verify account information across all participating SA Banks prior to making payments or collecting funds. This technology enables the matching and confirming of banking details for both companies and individuals against companies’ registration numbers and individuals’ ID numbers, reducing the risk of erroneous debits and credits. The service is available in a batch or real-time process.

Value-Added Business Solutions

Transaction Capital Payment Solutions offers the following value added services:

Recurring Debit Collection Facilities
We manage your recurring collection transactions. All you need to do is send us your additions, amendments and deletions.
Client Front End (CFE)
This is a web-based system that flawlessly facilitates the capturing of debit orders within the confines of the client’s own Call Centre environment and includes all the necessary bank validation rules. It can be branded and customised to suit the client’s specific requirements. The client maintains complete control of the debit order collections process and data management through features such as segregation of duty based on roles and responsibilities and real-time reporting.
Collection Strategy Management
The success of debit orders is largely dependent on ensuring the bank account is debited on the accurate pay date. Operating in conjunction with the Recurring Debit Collection facility to build up history at an individual account level, this tool which includes features such as alignment of pay dates to accommodate for weekends and public holidays and flexibility to switch between different service types, contributes to improving debit order success rates and managing costs.
Customised Reporting
We customise reports to your requirements for easy integration into your unique business environment.
Communication Services
Our SMS or E-mail services will ensure your clients receive your personalised messages.


Our systems are easy to use; and it’s easy to get started.
Straight Through Processing (STP) offers customised reporting and manages complex transactions and large volumes.

Seamless start-up and implementation processes allow clients access to a system in which we cater for all common formats, but which can be customised according to their specific requirements.
Seamless, easy integration using the client’s administrative system.

Choose from one of 4 delivery methods:

1. Automated Payment System [APS]

An internet-based HTTPS integrated system for the uploading of collections, disbursement and AVS transactions. Easy and intuitive to use and incorporating audited banking-standard security, APS allows for enhanced security offering multiple levels relating to segregation of duties.

2. Straight Through Processing [STP]

A secure HTTPS-driven client interface for clients requiring a fully automated process between your accounting or payroll system and our EFT systems; whilst maintaining 100% control of the process with no further human intervention after client authorisation.

3. Secure Mail

This service offers electronic documentation through secure encrypted email.

4. Client Front End [CFE]

This is a customised, web-based collections system that is branded to your specific needs.